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VDA Inc. is part of the California State Preschool Program, the largest state-funded preschool program in the nation. The program provides both part-day and full-day services that provides a core class curriculum that is developmentally, culturally, and linguistically appropriate for the children served. The program also provides meals and snacks to children, parent education, referrals to health and social services for families, staff development opportunities as well as career development to employees.

VDA Inc.

VDA Inc. is an organization dedicated to serving children throughout the Central Valley. VDA Inc. believes that each child is a unique individual who needs a safe and secure environment in order to grow and mature. Each day is planned carefully to nurture and support children’s growth and development in the following areas: Socially, Emotionally and Physically. It is our purpose as an Early Childhood organization to meet the needs for both children and parents by providing a positive experience in order to develop a lifetime of learning in a fun, caring, and educational environment.

It is the intent of VDA Inc. to develop successful partnership with schools and communities in the development of quality preschool services

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Farmersville Child Development Center has played a huge impact in my life. I have been able to work my full time job, plus I have also enjoyed that my daughter has been able to develop her social skills and communication. Before she joined the center Nayeli was a very shy girl, attending the center has really allowed her to grow. She is much more advance in her vocabulary, understanding and overall all her bilingual skills have really improved. I am very grateful to the Farmersville CDC plus the staff they are wonderful to me and  the children. My daughter is very happy to go to school every morning, she really enjoys it. 

Juanita Gutierrez.


The program has help Bailey and Sienna in so many ways. They learned so much and I fill that this program has prepared them for kindergarten. The staff have been very kind and helpful and the girls love to come to school . It’s a great program.

Hector Garcia, ( Full Day Program) 

Dinuba Early Education Center


El programa VDA a sido una  gran experiencia tanto para nuestra hija como para nosotros como padres. Ya que ayudo mucho a nuestra hija a desarrollarse en muchos aspectos. Ha aprendido a socializar y convivir más con otros niños, aprendió letras, colores, formas, sonidos y mucho más. Para nosotros el programa fue un gran apoyo y estamos muy agradecidos con las maestras, supervisora y todo el personal que conforma el programa por haber apoyado tanto a nuestra hija en estos 2 anos de escuela. 

Maria Rodriguez ( Part Day ) Dinuba Early Education Center


El programa pre-escolar de Farmersville le a ayudado mucho a mi hija porque se a desarollado mas academicamente y socialmente Eya ya save deletrear su nombre contar asta el 30 y reconoser su colores y figuras. Para mi la parte social a sido muy importante porque eya era un poco timida y haora ya puede comvivir si problemas con otros ninos. Le quiero agradecer ala Spervisors porque eya me ayudo a llenar la aplicacion para que mi hija entrara al programa y me iso sentir segura de que mi hija iva  aestar en buenas manos . Tambien alas maestras porque son muy pasientes con los ninos y los estan ayudando a aprender lo necesario para le escuela. 

Maria Mora (Farmersville Child Development Center)


I have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for this program. The staff here inspires the children to be learn while also providing an environment that’s loving and educational. With the support of the program we are able to maintain jobs and ultimately have a better relationships with our children. The dedication you guys provide does not go unnoticed and all I can say is thank you.

I will forever be grateful to this program for providing great dedication to the community and my family. 



My son was enrolled into Dinuba Early Education Center at 3 years old and since then has grown tremendously . The teachers are very compassionate about the kids and truly care about teaching and helping them develop during their early years . The program has helped my son prepare for kindergarten while learning the basics which include counting, learning numbers, writing the alphabet and learning how to write his name. While these are a few to name, the program has offered an endless amount of opportunities for my son. Alma is very special to the program . She dedicates herself to the kids, especially to the parents ,working extremely hard to make sure the program is successful with providing parents expectations for their children. Dinuba Early Education Center has been very special to us for the past two years, helping my son develop during his early years. We’ve enjoyed the program and are extremely happy to have chosen Dinuba Early Education Center .

Jessica Aniag 


I appreciate all the help that has been provided . Carlos has learned a lot in the last couple of months thanks to the support and dedication from all of his teachers. Carlos is more social and outgoing now that he goes to school.

Laura Diaz (Dinuba Early Education Center)