Vitality Development Achievement

VDA Inc. Vision Statement

The vision of VDA Inc. is to provide a stimulating learning environment with a creative orientation across the whole curriculum, maximizing individual potential and ensuring that students of all abilities are well equipped to meet the challenges of learning. Research shows that children who have a successful Preschool Program experience will become better prepared students as they travel through the educational system.

VDA Inc. stands for, Vitality, Development and Achievement.


President - Alvin Vital

Vice President – Mary Vital


Program Director- Hanadi Rousan

Program Highlights

VDA Inc. provides quality Preschool Programs that meet Title 5 Regulations, Community Care Licensing Title 22 and staff that meet the following standards of education:

  • Highly trained and caring teaching staff
  • Desired results for children and families (DRDPS)
  • DRDP Tech
  • State Approved California Preschool Curriculum Framework and Learning Foundations
  • Early Stars Rating (QRIS)
  • Ages and Stages (AS&Q)
  • Learning Genie
  • Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales (ECERS)
  • Physical Education Program (K.E.E.P)
  • Food Program (CACFP)

Food Program

VDA, Inc. is eligible for the Child Care Food Program. Children will receive breakfast, lunch and/or P.M. snack, (Type of meals served varies at each location)…

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Community Education Coordinator (CEC)

Zeina Rousan

The CEC will was recently hired to help VDA Inc. reach its goal of serving the “Whole Child.” She serves two main roles: 1) Equip teachers with the tools and information they need to establish an inclusive environment and 2) act as a liaison between our families and VDA Inc. The first role requires that our CEC observe classrooms, give feedback to teachers, write individualized plans, model best teaching practices, and use her special education background to maintain a long term coaching relationship with site supervisors and teachers. The second role includes building strong relationships with families, introducing families to a range of resources in their areas, and checking in on progress.

Kids Enjoying Exercise Program ~ K.E.E.P